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Port Townsend Vineyards

Our Food and Beverage Partners 


For us, Port Townsend Vineyards represents more than just making great wine, it's about making great friends.

Chimacum Valley Dairy, Chimacum

Husband and wife team, Bruce Gleeman and Amy Rose Dubin, create beautiful small-batch cheese crafted from unpasteurized goat milk from their home herd as well as raw cow milk purchased from Dungeness Valley Creamery in Sequim. "A person's intention affects everything. When I am making cheese I try to have the best of intentions," shares Bruce Gleeman

Mystery Bay Farm, Marrowstone Island

‘Mystery Bay Farm is a small scale, family farm operating on five acres on Marrowstone Island. Wehave been a WSDA certified Grade A Dairy since the spring of 2009. We produce farmstead, goatmilk cheeses and yogurt for general sale. Farmstead means we make all of our cheeses and yogurtusing only the milk of our animals.’

Pane d’Amore, Port Townsend

‘We built a bakery because we love good bread, hard work and our community. Feeding people the very best product we can make using the very best ingredients we can find at home, in the state and around the world never loses it’s appeal. We continually strive for a better product , a kinder approach to using our resources and keeping our tradition of sharing a priority.’

Elevated Candy, Port Townsend

'The Elevated Candy shop is adjacent to the Elevated Ice Cream parlor and has a spectacular collection of chocolate and truffles, handmade in our own Elevated Candy Company, as well as confections from all over the world.  “Elevated” (as the locals like to call us) is a family oriented business which emphasizes products of the highest quality, exceptional service, and an enjoyable environment.'

Bavarian Meats, Seattle

‘Since 1961, Bavarian Meats has been hand-crafting exactly what German-American sausage makers are supposed to hand-craft: over 50 types of sausages, wieners, cold cuts, smoked meats, and salami. As a third-generation family owned and operated business, we use the same beloved recipes that Max Hofstatter (Grandpa Max) brought over from Munich in 1933. We take immense sausage-maker pride in everything we create – using only the finest natural ingredients and Old World preparation methods.’

Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards, Lynden

‘At Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards, our family run farm, we pride ourselves with a superior sweeter variety of the hazelnut, the DuChilly hazelnut. Grown in the shadow of the North Cascades in the fertile soil of the Nooksack River Valley, ours is a sweeter more thinly skinned variety of the hazelnut without the bitter skin of the more common round variety.’

Bedford Sodas, Port Angeles

‘Bedford’s Sodas are truly craft-produced in small batches on sight at Orca Beverages. Each flavor has been carefully selected using only the best ingredients available. Cane sugar provides the smooth taste blended with that perfect flavoring, and a carbonation level that is just right, not offensive.’

Partner Restaurants and Vendors

We're pleased to partner with nearby restaurants who carry our wines on tap, by the glass, or by the bottle.

Port Townsend

Silverwater Cafe
The Rose Theater
Disco Bay Detour
Taps at the Guardhouse, Fort Worden
Fort Worden Events Center

The Keg & I
Alchemy Bistro
The Bishop and Swan Hotels
Howell's Sandwich Shop

Olympic Peninsula

Mossback Cafe, Kingston
Scratch Kitchen, Port Gamble
Salty Girls Seafood, Sequim
Nourish, Sequim
Old Alcohol Plant, Port Hadlock