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Port Townsend Vineyards

Our Story


In Summer 2017, Port Townsend Vineyards opened its doors to guests. The facility introduced a new line of locally produced wine to the city. This venture was imagined by long-time residents of Port Townsend and was brought to life in collaboration with regionally respected winemaker, Ben Thomas. Numerous family and Port Townsend friends brought their talents to bear in order to create a wine experience that represents the honest hard work, coastal character, persistent curiosity, and caring relationships of the Port Townsend culture.

What began in 1792 as a safe harbor for maritime traffic has evolved into a coastal city with a pride for being honest, curious, hard-working and well-crafted. Port Townsend’s unique location and geography bring a new perspective on grape growing and wine making. Forests, coastal waters, and a moderate climate all contribute to a unique landscape that, when cared for, produce some of the best fruit available for sparkling wines.

Three New Wine Facilities

Port Townsend Vineyards has three new wine immersion experiences in the Port Townsend city limits. Each is a critical component to producing and sharing our upcoming wine release with the Port Townsend community.

1: The Vineyard on Portuguese Hill

Port Townsend Vineyards was unveiled through the planting of a vineyard in 2015. The vineyard was carefully planned to showcase the unique grape varieties that traditionally thrive in this geography and coastal climate. The Vineyard on Portuguese Hill welcomes guests onto the land to immerse them into a world of winemaking that begins with lesser-known and beautiful varietals.

2: The Winery

All of the grapes grown locally and sourced from top regional vineyards are cared for in this brand new wine production facility. Built as a custom crush facility, this new, purpose-built winery houses modern wine- making equipment, ample space for barrel storage, and is designed to be highly energy and water efficient.

3: Vintage Wine Bar & Plaza (C.F. Clapp Building, formerly April Fool and Penny, Too)

The historic C.F. Clapp Building was first built in 1885. The three-story brick building will become an immersive wine bar and regional food pairing experience with tasting counter and a variety of seating configurations to support large and small group activities and events. Our wine bar will sell exclusively Port Townsend Vineyards wines, and our vision is to complement the existing wine culture of Port Townsend, while adding a new element. Slated to open Summer 2019.

What types of wine are made?

Our vision is to produce a collection of sparkling and still wines that reflect the coastal Puget Sound region, as well as varietals admired throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our first wines from our collection were released in the Spring of 2017.

Where are the grapes being grown?

Our 11 acres of estate vineyard are destined for still and sparkling white wines. Additional still red and white wines will come from vineyards in eastern Washington and Oregon hand-selected based on shared values and exceptional grapes.

What grape varieties are being grown in Port Townsend?

The Vineyard on Portuguese Hill includes a range of varietals including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Siegerrebe, Madeleine Angevine, Auxerrois, Ortega, Rondo, Garanoir, Muscat of Norway, and Iskorka.

Will you distribute your wine beyond Port Townsend?

It is important to us that the wine produced using Port Townsend grapes be made accessible to the local community first. While distribution plans are yet to be set, we envision relationships with select restaurants and specialty wine shops will do the best job at showcasing the uniqueness of our area and wines. Of course, the majority of our products will be available at the winery and Vintage Wine Bar & Plaza.

Will guests be able to visit each location?

Yes. We encourage everyone to visit each of our three locations. Each offers a different experience in the journey of winemaking. The Vineyard on Portuguese Hill exposes guests to the art of growing and harvesting grapes. The Winery offers guests and emerging winemakers to get up close to our state-of-the-art equipment and winemaking methods. Vintage Wine Bar & Plaza will be a sensory experience with an emphasis on the experience of wine and food together. Throughout each location we wish to highlight the full wine experience, which includes not only the wine, but also the environment and company that surrounds it.