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Port Townsend Vineyards

Our Team



Winemaker & Production Manager: Ben Thomas
Ben returned to grow wine in his hometown of Port Townsend after a decade of winemaking in Oregon's Willamette Valley. He thrives in the inherent diversity of what he prefers to call "winegrowing." It's the interrelationship of many disciplines that keeps the work fascinating. A winegrower has to be, at least a little, a farmer, mechanic, sommelier, biologist, chemist, writer, editor, graphic artist, spreadsheet analyst, office manager, human resource manager and forklift operator. He enjoys incorporating his past experiences as abartender, crab fisherman, manuscript editor, zine publisher, writer, cook, tree planter, carpenter, barista, graphic designer, music booker and circus stage manager into his role amongst the vines and barrels. At home he's lucky enough to spend his time with his beautiful wife, Claire, and his cute rascal of a son, Oliver. He's most happy growing a garden and fermenting foods, especially cheese. Essentially growing and fermenting are his job and his life.

Viticulturist: Alex Moro







Wine Club Coordinator: Kristin Myers
Kristin joined us after our first year and made herself at home. Since taking over the care and coordination of our wine club, it has doubled in size and grown to be a closer knit community that shares a curious and adventurous spirit. You will find her at any of our three locations-adding her enthusiasm and laughter at any opportunity. Outside of the world of wine you can find her busking or performing at a local venue, walking her rather strange looking dog Sticks, or looking for any excuse to eat or thrift store shop.




Assistant Winemaker: Lauren Armanino
Lauren is a wine nerd at heart, and her happy place is in the laboratory. She most enjoys working on wine chemistry and blending, scribbling tasting notes, and sharing her infectious enthusiasm about winemaking with anyone who is remotely interested. You can find her scurrying around the winery keeping a close pulse on all of our fermentations. Outside of the winery, you can find her reading from an ever-growing stack of books, listening to classical music with her fluffy cat, Coco, and meandering around the Peninsula.




Cellar Hand: Dustin Ryerson  









Cellar Hand: Emily Trujillo
Emily Trujillo is a member of our production team. As a winegrower, she weaves her time between the vineyard and the cellar. During harvest you can find her picking grapes, organizing volunteers, performing cap management, and overseeing the crush pad. Emily’s heart swells watching our home vineyard, Portuguese Hill, grow into it’s fullest expression. She is passionate about regenerative farming practices and protecting wild places. When not making wine, you can find her in the forests and mountains of the Olympic Peninsula or exploring the waters of the Salish Sea.




Sales Coordinator: Walter Zamora
Walter is the quintessential Food & Beverage nerd. With an easy smile and "I gotchu" multitasking attitude, he likes to be fully involved and you can find him splitting his time working at the winery, representing PTV at most events, trucking grapes from our partner vineyards or driving the delivery truck. Outside the winery his life is all about family.






Tasting Room Coordinator: Brian Curry
Brian has been the Front of House Coordinator at Port Townsend Vineyards since December of 2018. He comes from a career as a restaurateur where guest service was the number one priority. Developing a successful wine program for the restaurants led to a keen interest in viticulture so working at the Olympic Peninsula’s premier winery and vineyard is a dream come true. Brian has been an important part of opening PTV’s Vintage Wine Bar and Plaza, has hosted our Flights and Bites tasting events and also is a member of PTV’s wine quality control team, ‘The Taste Buds’. He spends his off-time working the garden and exploring trails with his wife JoAnn and their new pup Tater Tot.



Social Media Strategist & Photography: Alyx Padilla
Alyx is the face behind the pictures we post, and manages and oversees our social media content. Using her knowledge, she studied at U of O with a B of A in Public Relations and has created and grown our social media platforms which now reaches well over 1k followers. She assists in the overall digital marketing efforts and has been a part of our team, documenting our journey from the first vine planted at Portuguese Hill to the first wall built at Port Townsend Winery, and everything else in between! When she’s not posting or taking pictures for us, she is spending time with her husband, Layne, and her one year old twins, Leo and Isla. She also loves to blog and spend time in the outdoors exploring.