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We believe that Port Townsend Vineyards is not just a winery, but a vibrant community that celebrates the art of winemaking and the joy of wine. That's why we are thrilled to invite you to join our wine club and become an integral part of our close-knit community of wine lovers.

As a member of our wine club, you will have exclusive access to some of our most exceptional wines. We carefully curate a selection of wines that embody the essence of our vineyards and the craftsmanship of our winemaker. Whether you prefer reds, whites, or rosés, our wine club offerings are sure to delight your palate.

But the benefits of membership go beyond the wines themselves. As a wine club member, you will enjoy special discounts on wine pours and purchases. We offer a 10% discount on wine pours, as well as a 10% discount on purchases of 1 to 5 bottles. For those looking to stock up, we offer a 15% discount on purchases of 6 to 11 bottles, and an enticing 20% discount on purchases of 12 or more bottles.

However, the true essence of our wine club lies in the sense of community it fosters. As a member, you will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive events and tastings, where you can connect with fellow wine enthusiasts and share your passion for wine. We believe that wine has the power to bring people together and create lasting memories, and we're excited to create those experiences with you.

So don't hesitate to join our wine club today and become a part of something truly special. Let us share our exceptional wines and our love for wine culture with you. Together, we'll create unforgettable moments and forge connections that transcend the world of wine.

For those who want to take a little of Port Townsend home with them, the Discovery Tier is the way to start!

Perfect for the budding wine enthusiast or chef we all know and love. Try the Quimper Tier today!

The Olympic Club gives you all the best Port Townsend Vineyards has to offer!



Club Member Discounts

10% off wine pours
10% off purchases of 1 to 5 bottles
15% off purchases of 6 to 11 bottles
20% off purchases of 12 or more bottles


Club Details

Club Benefits




Bottles per Allocation

3 6 12

Annual Allocations (Spring and Fall)

2 per year 2 per year 2 per year

Early access to new-release wines

Preorder access to special club releases*


Invitation to club events, experiences, and classes

VIP and priority access to club events, experiences and classes


Complimentary Tastings at the Winery**

2 per visit 2 per visit 2 per visit

Special shipping rates-WA, OR, and CA

Complimentary Guided Wine Experience at Vintage by Port Townsend Vineyards

4 per year 8 per year Unlimited

* Limits apply
**Subject to terms and availability


For questions about our wine club, benefits, and more visit the FAQ page or email our Wine Club Coordinator at wineclub@porttownsendvineyards.com

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